Billing 6

Helpful Information for Billing Purposes.

Game Servers 58

Sub-Categories about different games and how to do things with your servers.

General Information 3

Bits of information such as Live Support's Schedule etc.

Partnership 3

Even more, detailed information about uHostPro and it's partnership scheme.

Teamspeak 3 1

Helpful information about Teamspeak 3 Servers

User and Sub Accounts 3

Information that helps you with your User and Sub Accounts.

Mais Popular

 Dinosaur IDs (Summon Dinosaurs)

Must be Logged in as Admin in-game. Click Here to learn how to do that.(Updated 9th April 2016)...

 How to login as Admin and use Commands In-Game

How to login as Admin and use Commands in-game! (Ark: Survival Evolved Admin Commands)To login as...

 HurtWorld Admin Commands

To enter an admin command. Press F1 to open the Console while in-game. >How to become an Admin...

 How to transfer a save from another server to your server.

This knowledgebase article will talk you through what you need from the other server, and where...

 How do I change my Admin Password?

1. Login to your Game Server Control Panel.2. Navigate to your Ark: Survival Evolved server...

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