(CPanel) How to setup an SRV Record to redirect your own domain.

If you are looking to setup your own custom teamspeak name without the port number then you can setup an SRV record in your panel to do this;
You may need to contact your web hosting provider if you're unable to create SRV Records

Login to your webhosting cPanel account. Once logged in you will be greeted with all of the control panel tools, select "Advanced DNS Editor"

2. Now you have to create an A-Record for your teamspeak, for this example we want to use "ts3.vexample.com" so we create the record "ts3" and then enter the IP to the teamspeak server IP. To get the IP you will need to ping the domain name and take the IP, so if the teamspeak was tsfr.uhostpro.com, you ping this and you should get "" you enter this as the address.

3. Now we need to create an SRV record, this needs to be in the format of the screenshot below, you just need to change the domain from "vexample.com" to your own domain for this to work;

4. Once created it can take 12-24 hours for this to work for everyone, if you do this wrong and make any changes the broken changes can take 12-24 hours to go through also so please take your time doing this as it can look broken even through its working. Below is how it should look when you are finished;

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