How to transfer a save from another server to your server.

This knowledgebase article will talk you through what you need from the other server, and where you will need to, and how, to upload those files to your server with uHostPro.

Depending on where/how your server is hosted, you may not be able to get the saves files neccessary for transfering. In which case, contact your other provider requesting the files.

What You'll Need
Everything you need to copy, to transfer your world save to your uHostPro server is found in:

You do not need the entire SavedArks folder.
You will need to (.zip if possible) all of the .arkprofile and .arktribe files. These files contain the information for each Player, and each Tribe.
You will also need to (.zip if possible) your TheIsland.ark file (Not any of the TheIsland_TimeStamp.ark files, these are just backups)

Now to transfer them over onto uHostPro, follow these instructions.

1. Login to your account at

2. Navigate to your server, ensure it is Switched Off, and click File Manager (You can alternatively use an FTP Client for the file transfer, but File Manager will be needed for any extracting of .zip files)

3. Click ShooterGame

4. Click Saved

5. Click SavedArks

6. Select all the items in the SavedArks folder, and delete them.

7. Click Upload in the menu bar along the top. Select your files from the other server and upload them.

8. Once the upload is finished, if you need to extract the files, click the extract button.

9. Once you're happy that all the information listed in the "What you'll need" section, is on the server. Start the server, and check.

If you have any issues with this, please contact support, we're happy to help!

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