uHostPro has just hit 3 years old, as of the 4th March 2018, it's been a fantastic run! We've grown bigger than we ever expected and have brought in thousands of customers, we've expanded from 1 location to 5 across the world and boasted amazing customer reviews!

Today marks the next chapter for uHostPro, it's staff, it's partners and it's customers! On the 5th March 2018 uHostPro was acquired by Nitrado, the world's leader in Game Server Hosting. They recognized our staff's talent and outstanding partners, as such they've brought us all onboard to make Nitrado become an even better, even bigger and even brilliant-er o.0 Game Server Host!

We recommend you switch to Nitrado for the future, they are tried and tested with over 1 million customer accounts, a huge customer service team and an extensive knowledgebase on game servers

They've also provided us a $5 Free Credit incentive for all of you to use, redeem code; uHostNitrado via the Charge Account feature, clicking the Gift Box at the bottom on the Nitrado Website.

What does this mean for my current uHostPro Game Server(s)?
Your services will continue to run as normal, and you will continue to receive the amazing customer service you've come to expect, however on your next due date your service will not renew.

So please be sure to download any save files or backups you require before then!

Best Regards,
uHostPro - General Manager

Twitter: @MekkiTheGuy

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

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