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Install servers on the fly! Install servers on the fly!
You have the ability to install and uninstall any of our included game servers on the fly, whenever you want! You can install as many servers as your package allows aswell, so you can have more than 1 server, so long as the combined player slots aren’t above the Bundle Package slots!
Perfect for Clans! Perfect for Clans!
With the extensive permission system, multiple servers under one package, multiple admins and sub-users this is the perfect thing for a clan! As most clans change and move from game to game, this is great as it doesn’t tie you down to one particular server, change it to what you want, all from the panel!
Sub accounts with their owner servers! Sub accounts with their owner servers!
Create sub users and install servers for them specifically! This means you can have multiple admins and users that can only control particular servers! Further more, if you install a server to a sub-admin account on the package, that account can create sub-sub-user accounts with specific server permissions!
Powerful Control Panel Powerful Control Panel
With a Powerful Control panel that allows you to manage your game server, your sub users and their access. While on the go and at home with our mobile compatible Panel.
24/7 Customer Support 24/7 Customer Support
Fantastic Customer Support is the corner stone of uHostPro, it’s what we’re known for. Helpful, knowledgeable support staff there to assist you day and night!
Unlimited SubAccounts Unlimited SubAccounts
If you’re a gaming community, or want to share access to your server, you can create as many sub-accounts as you like, to login to the Control Panel and access your server, with the permissions you set!
DDOS Protected DDOS Protected
All Locations at uHostPro are tried and tested against DDOS attacks, to ensure that your game server stays online and uninterrupted by troublesome people.
Full Mod Support Full Mod Support
You have complete access to mod your server however you’d like. With full File Access and Custom Commandlines, Configs and settings you can launch whatever mods you want!
Live Statistics Live Statistics
Our Panel tracks, logs and records stats so you can look at lots of different statistics to help better manage and maintain your server, including Player, CPU and Memory Graphs!

✅  7 Days To Die (8Slots)

✅  Ark: Survival Evolved (30Slots)

✅  Ark: Survival of the Fittest (20Slots)

✅  Arma 3 (30Slots)

✅  Chivalry (8Slots)

❌  Citadel: Forged with Fire

❌  Conan Exiles

✅  CS:GO (8Slots)

✅  Counter Strike: Source (8Slots)

✅  Dark and Light (30Slots)

✅  Don’t Starve Together (6Slots)

✅  Garry’s Mod (8Slots)

✅  HurtWorld (20Slots)

✅  Hide and Hold Out (10Slots)

✅  Insurgency (8Slots)

✅  Killing Floor 2 (6Slots)

✅  Medieval Engineers (10Slots)

❌  Minecraft

✅  Reign of Kings (10Slots)

✅  Rust (30Slots)

✅  Space Engineers (8Slots)

✅  Starbound (6Slots)

✅  Terraria (6Slots)

✅  Team Fortress 2 (8Slots)

✅  Tower Unite (30Slots)

✅  The Ship (8Slots)

✅ UnTurned (24Slots)

<Game Server Name> (<Minimum number of slots per installation>)

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