Strong bond with uHostPro

Free Game and Voice Servers! Free Game and Voice Servers!
With your uHostPro Partnership you’ll receive free game and voice servers that you can use however you’d like! Subscriber only Server? Recording Server? Do whatever you want with it! You’ll also get help setting it up how you’d like!
Affiliate Plus! Affiliate Plus!
You’ll become an Affiliate+ member, which means the percentage of money you make from each new order via your affiliate link, is a very generous 15%!
Game Keys! Game Keys!
Along with early access to games and server software, having a lot of great partners like we do, is a great avenue for developers to publicize their games by giving us game keys to pass on to our partners!
Shiny Forum Badge! Shiny Forum Badge!
uHostPro’s awesome forum with bustling community talk about video games, game servers, new games coming out, Twitch talk, Youtube talk and so much more! You’ll stand out with your Gold Partner Badge and custom post backgrounds!
One on One Support! One on One Support!
With a direct line to uHostPro’s Staff you’ll get one on one personal support for Game and Voice server issues. You don’t need to worry about a server being down for a Stream or Recording session if you let us know, we’ll take care of it!
Early Access to new Servers! Early Access to new Servers!
Having lots of great Partners gives uHostPro access to games and server software early! This means we can have servers working and ready for you day 1 of game releases!
Giveaways! Giveaways!
We often give out to our Partners uHost Codes that they can giveaway to their viewers! These codes can be used for uHostPro services! The codes may be a specific server or a giftcard for Credit Balance!
Partners Discord Partners Discord
Access to uHostPro’s Partner’s Discord where all our Partners are! Great new place to get to know and meet other Streamers and Youtubers, possibly even start collaborations and new friendships! As well as direct access to our staff!
Spread the word! Spread the word!
Let everyone know about uHostPro! The main benefit uHostPro gets out of your awesome Partnership is word of mouth advertisements! If you’re letting everyone know about us, we’re able to grow and provide bigger and better things for our Partners!
In the info section! In the info section!
If you’re a Youtuber you’ll need to include your affiliate link in the info section of your Youtube Videos! Just the ones released after joining us, not retroactively! A nice message to accompany the link would help push people and look great too!
Link your Affiliate+ URL! Link your Affiliate+ URL!
The main way we track your Partnership is with this link! Click, click, click! Neither of us can control if someone actually buys something, but you can certainly influence how many people click the link and take a look at uHostPro’s game servers!
Below your Stream! Below your Stream!
If you’re a streamer, you’ll need a uHostPro image below your stream with your affiliate link attached to it! We’ll provide you one with your discount code info when you join us, but you’re free to redesign it to fit to your stream! A bot command also goes a long way!
Youtube Youtube

  • Around 200,000+ Subscribers
  • Active Gaming Channel
  • Good standing in the community

Gaming Community Gaming Community

  • An Active Community Website
  • 1000+ Active Members
  • Own/Operate Game Servers

Twitch Streamer Twitch Streamer

  • Around 30,000+ Following
  • 200+ Average Viewers
  • Good standing in the Community

Gaming Website Gaming Website

  • Active and Updated Gaming Website
  • 5000+ Monthly Visits
  • Provide news, updates, information or tools for the Gaming Industry

Fill the form in below, including a link to your channel or website. If you have any additional links please feel free to include them in the message box. Our Partnership Staff will get back to you within 7 days after  you’ve submitted your application. This gives them time to review your channel or to stop by and watch you live if you’re a Streamer.

Note: We receive far too many Partnership Requests to respond to all of them. You will only receive a response if your Application is Successful.

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